Injustice 2 and What to Expect from the Game

  • February 13, 2017

If you have been playing the Injustice, you probably are going to be excited for the Injustice 2. After all, you want to know more about the continuation of the story and also the characters, don’t you? Well, here’s the good news for you as the Injustice 2 will be available soon around May this year. So, if you are thinking about saving up space in your computer and further along with your story, you may be thinking about saving up money for the game.


Injustice 2 Development

The new game Injustice 2 is published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment with NetherRealm Studios as the developer. The game itself is planned to release around the 16th of May 2017 for different gaming platforms such as iOS and Android devices, Xbox One, and also PS4. As you can expect from a game involving Batman (and his friends, like Superman), the genre for this game is fighting game with multiplayer and single player mode. The first game called Injustice: Gods Among Us was released around 2013 and it was such a hit that the maker decided to make the sequel. And just like the previous game, there will be the versions for the mobile devices.


Injustice 2 Plot and Characters

The plot for Injustice 2 is taken with the setting of 5 years later after the High Councilor’s defeat. Batman as well as the Insurgents are trying to save back the society again while fighting off the remnants from Superman’s regime seeking way to restore his powerful rule again. It’s not an easy task, naturally, not with the new threats and challenges and the chaotic situation. Again, Earth is facing danger and risk.


Naturally, there will be characters development for the new game, including villains and heroes. The characters from the previous game will be available, of course, such as Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn but there will be new ones like Blue Beetle, Atrocitus, Supergirl, Gorilla Grodd, and Deadshot.


Injustice 2 Development

You can expect a lot of changes and new updates from this game, such as stage transitions, character developments, environment interactions, clashes, and so much more.  The super meter is back, don’t worry, along with new enhancement and abilities for each of the characters. Gear System is also available so you can equip your character with a special equipment and costume that will affect the power and the ability. Don’t you think this Injustice 2 has a lot to offer?


Township Tips to Get More Materials

  • February 11, 2017

In a city building game like Township, the construction materials are very important to ensure the development of your town. The Township tips below will explain about the way you can get more materials for building without using Township hack applications. The buildings are the main part of the game which decides the speed of creating population and leveling up the game. Actually, the game provides some ways that you can do to get more materials for building construction. Two of them will be explained below.

Buying Coins

Using in-game currency is done especially by serious players. Casual players who only play the game for fun prefer to save their money than to use it to buy coins in the game. This is the easiest Township tips and the fastest way if you want to obtain construction materials. This trick is recommended for you if you just start the game but you want to level up faster so you can have the same level as your friends. The real money spend by a player to buy coins is the way how the game developer makes profit. Some players will be happy to buy coins because they think that it is a form of support to the game developer.

Asking Help from Neighbors

The second Township tips will involve your friends. Like other Facebook games, Township also allows its players to ask their friends on Facebook to play with them. You can also get friends from strangers easily in the game. Just check the app page and you will find many people asking to be your neighbors. However, you must be careful about the private information you want to share on Facebook if you add strangers in the game because they can see your personal information.

If you have many neighbors, you can get materials by going to their town once a day. You can also receive gifts from them and receive extra materials if you click on the wall post. If you are short on certain material, you can request the material you need by posting it to your own wall. If you receive gifts, Township does not allow you to know who the sender is. So, if you want to donate materials to your friends, you need to like the post after that so your friends will know where the materials come from. You must have many friends in the game because almost all of the Township tips about the ways of getting materials always involve other players.

Roblox Hack to Make Robux a Breeze

  • January 23, 2017

After numerous requests from Roblox players from all over the world, a brand new Roblox Hack is finally available! With this new, improved and powerful hack, you can now add free Robux! Just like all the other hacks uploaded previously, this one has an auto update system too so it will automatically upload a newer version should this one by any chance stop working. As always, this is to ensure customer satisfaction.

This new Roblox Hack allows you to get free Robux as many times as you desire. Go ahead and use it to your heart’s content.  Hence, this is why it is called the Robux Resources Generator. All that is required is that you download it, access your Roblox account, click on the “connect” button and you’re all ready to select the resources you want. Upon choosing the exact amount of Robux you’d like to add, click the “ADD” button and watch the magic commence. It’s that simple, so just sit back, relax and let us do the work. The values of Robux you can choose from are: 400, 800, 2000, 4500, 10000, 22500, 50000 and 100000.

The latest update also has an added membership feature. Now, upgrading to Roblox Builders Club comes with three types of membership: Classic, Turbo and also Outrageous for the crazy ones out there. All the memberships have a validity period of exactly one month. Don’t worry when it is over; just repeat the process all over again and you’re good to go!

Worried about safety? Don’t have to. There is absolutely not the slightest chance of being banned when using this because Roblox Hack uses anti ban script. Besides that, it also has an auto proxy feature that functions so that you can use it time and again without the risk of being tracked or even detected.

Once again, the steps are very simple:

  1. Download the hack for Roblox
  2. Sign into Your Roblox Account
  3. Open the hack and click the “Connect” button
  4. Choose the resources you want to add
  5. Click the “ADD” button

With the new and improved Roblox Hack, hopefully Roblox players won’t have such a hard time as before nor will they find the game frustrating. After all, gaming is supposed to start, isn’t it? Download the new hack and get started on your new Roblox journey today. Don’t stress, just go out and have fun!

Salto the Jumping Robots

  • December 27, 2016

Salto is the jumping robot that the design was influenced by small primates which are known as bush babies. In order to gain height faster, this robot can spring off walls than any robots that come before it and will be perfect to help scan urban disaster zones. This one-legged robot can leap up over 3.2 feet high from the standing position, instead of being 0.2 weight and 10 inches tall.

Salto is not the robot that can jump highest. There are a couple of robots that can jump to more than 10 feet heights, but those robots that have to wind up for a couple of minutes before they leap and after than this robot can jump again directly. This one-legged robot can be allowed in order to push off a wall in order to gain more height quickly.

Salto can be able to climb at 5.7 feet per second rate or 1.75 meters per second if compared to the next-best robots who can climb at a rate of 3.7 feet per second. The climbing rate of this amazing robot is better than the climbing rate of the bullfrog. The capabilities of the three-dwelling bush baby has 78 percent which it is modeled on.

The Inspiration

The robot is designed with idea of a couple of researchers after that talk to first responders at a rescue-training and urban-search site in Menlo Park, California. The purpose of the research to design this robot is to not disturb the rubble further, and move across quickly a couple of types of rubble that have been produced by buildings that have been collapsed. In order to do that, this robot should be able to jump.

Before they can choose the animal that will be the proper model for their robot, a better measure had been developed by the team for the ability of jumping. The metric which is called vertical jumping agility has been developed by the researchers that combine how high a robot or animal can jump with how often.

The highest score of the test that has been done by scientists is the Senegal bush baby which comes with 7.2 feet per second from branch to branch. The jumping prowess of the animal can be gotten from the ability in order to get into a super low crouch before takeoff. According to researchers, this feature has been shared with a couple of other jumping animals.


Simcity Buildit Review in Brief

  • December 24, 2016

You might know that lately there’s increasing trend of reviving old games in a freemium niche.   Not surprising that one of the game, SimCity gets its most expected return. This Simcity Buildit review will bring you along enjoying the game.  You can expect that it would return to iOS to be played freely and in the name of SimCity BuildIt. This game is beautifully executed and visually impressive for a revived game. You could also expect to have a fair monetization system with it.

If you expect something like the classic SimCity series the fans are always yearn of, you might be a little disappointed. This game arrives with standar crafting plus timers. Along this Simcity Buildit review, you could find the usual basic factories that churn out building block materials to be used as your building’s foundations or to build some more advanced items. These are all being used as the residences’ up grader.

Furthermore, along the way, the residences will give you the award money, experience, and population. The money will be channeled to upgrade and build factories, public facilities and stores. As for experience and population, they will be used to unlock the new buildings to further construct you city. If you have certain levels, you could also use those materials for crafting to other fun objectives, such as fulfilling shipping orders which would enable you to have special keys to build your own unique buildings.

This Simcity Buildit review is also offering part of the Simcity Buildit Hack, which is that game is built around a crafting mechanic. There are also police and fire coverage you should also consider if you want to expand or advance your world. The zoning or placements of those essentials departments increasingly become your strategic zoning moves. There will be simple actual strategic decisions regarding the building placement.  Besides for those two important building, you also need to consider the placement of the transportation departments, education departments, parks, cultural parks, or others. As your city and the populations expand, you also need to keep your sewage system, water, and power system upgraded.

Meanwhile for the coin sinks, you might see that it’s fair enough for such a game. There are also affordably and make-sense timers. Though there are always coin shortages, the game also offers several avenues to enable you getting some more coins, such as selling your crafting materials to other players or sell it. All in all, the greatest feature offered by this game is the graphic. Yes, the visual is really lovable. Well, that’s all the Simcity Buildit review. If you might want to try the game, now it’s available in Android or iOS.

Best Way to Speed up the Laptop Performance.

  • December 7, 2016


Talking about working and studying, we cannot separate those activities with the need of fully functioned laptop or PC. These days, having a PC or laptop is like having a smartphone. You need it every day to finish you task, to do your homework, or just to be connected with your partners, family, and friends. Laptop is one of the most important ways you can manage a worldwide meeting and conference, store almost every data you are working with, even though right now we can safely store them all in the Google Drive folders. But after some years, you will feel there is something wrong with your laptop. It is either getting slower, lagging, or it might also turn into mess when you do multi tasking work at the same time. Well some people choose to sale it up and move to the new buddy. But why sale it up too fast if you still can speed up the laptop performance by doing some of these steps?

Upgrade your RAM

One of the simple ways to speed up the laptop performance without shelling out the SSD is by looking for bigger RAM to your laptop. If your laptop is still working with the RAM under 1 GB, it is very advisable to increase the RAM of your laptop few gigabyte and your old laptop would feel younger in performance and you can do your multi tasking work without worrying about performance.

Use SSD instead

Many users are now choosing to install the SSD to their laptop to rejuvenate the laptop. You can install the SSD and the result is always worth it. It might cost a little more, and you need to clone the Windows to your new SSD, but worry not. If you are not experienced about this, you can always contact a computer technician to help you out to install this SSD and speed up the laptop performance.

Use the Cleaner

Even the best computer or PC sometimes get bugged and slowed down for some reason. This could be because of the rarely used apps and program that you have in your laptop. They keep building up bugs from unused program and temporary files and cookies. The best cleaner that is recommended by some reviewers is CCleaner. We haven’t been using this program but reviewers make sure that this program helps you do hunt down the unwanted files and bugs then remove them. It will free a lot of spaces in your computer and surely helps to boost up the performance. Even you can also add the virus scanner from this cleaner, extra function added to the list. Handy, huh?

This might not sounds very tech savvy, but one real time advice we want to add here is about double functions program. We know for example to be able to play video or movie we have VLC, Gom Player, Media Player Classic and many more. If you already have one, why should you have 2 or 3 more same function program? Save space and speed up the laptop performance.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack Issue and Problems that May Arise

  • December 5, 2016


There are actually some smart ways to avoid getting yourself in Pixel Gun 3D hack issue. If you aren’t rushing things and you want to be extra careful in managing your gaming account, you can always avoid trouble. If you are totally clueless, there are some smart ways to manage your gaming enjoyment without so much fuss.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack Issue and the Possible Problem

When you want to have the hacking tool, you only have two possible options: you can always download the tool and save it in your computer. Or, you can always manage your online account and have the online cheating generator.

If you choose the first option, you can have the tool inside your device. You can always activate the tool anytime you want. The only downside is that you have to download the tool and save it in your device. It won’t be a problem when you use the computer or laptop but space issue will emerge when you are using a smartphone or the tablet. Not to mention that you need to activate your tool when you are accessing your gaming account.

In the second option, you won’t have to download anything. You can simply open the emulator when you are online and playing the game. But then again, the Pixel Gun 3D hack issue is about connection. If you have an unstable connectivity, this may not be your favorite option. However, a lot of players like the Pixel Gun 3D Hack Online system because it is easier and it has less fuss.

Finding the Right Source

If you want to get the tool or the source, make sure that you choose only the reliable provider. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the offline or the online system. One of the most persistent Pixel Gun 3D hack issue is the fact that many gamers are lured to shady websites that are spreading malware and virus. They fall victims to sweet words and promises. In some of the worst case scenario, their gaming account and all of their identities are stolen. Important data is stolen and taken – and it all originates from greed.

Make sure that you only choose the right and reliable cheat provider. Check the history and track record. Check the reviews and also users’ testimonials. One of the most important things in avoiding Pixel Gun 3D hack issue is to be patient and don’t rush things for your own sake.


Inside is A New Way to Present Storytelling Game with Visual Design

  • September 21, 2016


Inside is the second game of Playdead which is also the developer of Limbo. This game has unique and very simple gameplay. You just need to walk and grab some objects around your characters. Moreover, you also need to jump onto the object. But, it is not as simple as it. You have to solve some puzzles to complete the game. Of course, the puzzles are challenging and full of meaning. This game is the successor of another game with the same gameplay, Limbo. These puzzles are also full of obstacles that you have to pass through. So, do not miss any single clue guys.

Background Story

It would not be good if you play Inside without knowing the story. First of all, this game does not relate with Limbo after all. This game is all about a journey from nameless character that you play entirely. It also shows you the apocalyptic world and its tyrannies within it. In the end, it will suffocate the humanity.  At the first, your character has to pass some areas. The situation is like primitive land. It looks like strange for him surely. Once you made a mistake, some people who are chasing you will have no mercy to murder and kill your character even with their dogs. It implies that the cruelty of the world in this game. Human experimentation is the right term for this game. If you love plot twists, this game is yours for sure.


It needs some explanation about the puzzles that you found in Inside. It starts from the easiest one and ended with the heavy one. You have to move a box from one into another place that will open the door. It is the example of simple puzzle that you must be solved. Some puzzles also require your patience such as waiting the door sequences and even human who has been experimented.  Remember, you have to use your logic as much as possible to finish this game. In other words, you cannot just push right button to play this game. There are also many traps that you have to avoid.  After all, solving these puzzles is your main job here.


Although it may sound boring because we will be stuck at some puzzles, we won’t be like solving a puzzle in this game. That is the key feature of this game. It represents a new way to solve a problem or in another perspective and out of the box. Moreover, this game is like a storytelling without narration after all. Inside is successful to make us spend many hours in front of the monitor.

The Best Pokemon Go Hack Using GPS

  • September 6, 2016

Pokemon Go GPS Hack

Because Pokemon Go is becoming the hot conversation all over the world, there are a couple of methods that you can do in order to in order to win this game from phone cases to drones to just trying in order to sell the accounts. Now, one of the best methods in order to win this game is with Pokemon Go hack using GPS.

There is a new video which has been leaked a couple of weeks ago that explain about Pokemon Go hacking. This hack comes with a solution which is based on the unique hardware in order to solve the issue of having to go outside actually and walk around in order to catch Pokemon.

Rather than using the GPS data which is being fed to the application of Pokemon Go, this newest way has to be done by placing your smart phone into the box of radio frequency shielded and also applying a signal generator in order to produce the fake GPS signal that will be received and used by the phone as the location of your device.

And then, the Google Earth and a joystick should be used by the custom software in order to change the signal slowly to the phone which is simulating the walk by substituting the location of the device which has been faked.

A couple of Caveats

Unluckily, for those of you who are looking in order to place together the setup and trip to all over the world from the comfort zone of your desks, there are a couple of caveats. First of all, the main problem is having to use signal generator a couple of eclectic pieces of hardware, and RF-shielded box which the average man does not have to lie around as well as the programming skills in order to get everything set and running.

The second thing is that Pokemon Go hack using GPS is still against the rules of Niantic and you will get banned if they know you use it. Meanwhile, this Pokemon Go hack using GPS is very impressive and also perfect for those of you who want to win this game. This hack also shows the amazing lengths that the community of Pokemon Go wants to go in order to play this game. And you do not have to go from your seat and play this game. You better not to do this at your home.

Final Fantasy XV is delayed for A Month

  • August 25, 2016

Final Fantasy XV

The launching of Final Fantasy XV is confirmed to be delayed around a month from the original schedule before. It means that all Final Fantasy lovers all over the world have to wait a little longer to see the release of this legendary game. FFXV will be delayed until November 29, 2016. Meanwhile, the previous date was planned on September 30, 2016. It means the delay is almost a month. Luckily, Square Enix has already confirmed the date. They also announced this delay at their official website related with FFXV. The main reason why they delay this game is because they want to meet the quality as the fans’ expectation so that a delay is necessary.

Director’s Statement

Hajime Tabata as the director of the Final Fantasy XV also added his comment on the announcement by Square Enix. He said that they want to realize the vision of the game like the realism and freedom for the players and fans of Final Fantasy. He also regrets about the delay of FFXV and is very sure with the latest announcement of the release date. He and his team believe that a month is enough to reach their vision or goal of FFXV. Lastly, he said his apologies for all fans that are waiting for this game since long time ago. But, he has to do this for the fans too and want us understand about the situation.


For your information, Square Enix spent much money to conduct UNCOVERED event recently. The main goal of the event is to announce the release date of Final Fantasy XV. Unfortunately, they have to delay it once again after the event. We expect the FFXV will be beyond of our expectation so far. Because of this delay, the developer will have more time to realize this expectation, right? We also want this game becomes popular and phenomenon just like previous series of Final Fantasy. Moreover, the new engine provides more realism for a video game right now.


To achieve the high quality game, it requires much time to develop it. That is what the developer does for FFXV. We think that it is very understandable for the developer because they have to present the best of the best in order to avoid any mistake in the future. Furthermore, this delay is also one of marketing strategy of Square Enix. For your information, there are also some AAA games which will be released on September until October so that Final Fantasy XV will have less competitors in the end of this year.

Boom Beach Hack for Unlimited Gold No Banned

  • June 10, 2016

Boom Beach hack for unlimited gold can be some good news which can pamper all the players to get better rank and better level. This kind of hack generator is usually worked after you have agreed to fulfill all the requirements needed by the websites that provide this kind of service. Whether the players need to fill some surveys out or download some applications or not, players will get a load of benefits using the hack tool or hack generator. What will all the players get after they have used this kind of tool during the game?

Boom Beach Gameplay

Boom Beach Hack for Unlimited Gold Gives You Better Chance is not just a standard hack tool. It is a hack tool or the cheat tool that works beyond your expectation. The first time this kind of tool existed, people would think that it is going to make your game account get banned. The more they can handle it, the better way of playing they will have. let say like the unlimited number of gems and coins can all be used and whenever they have nearly been out, you can recharge them once again by following the same step. It happens every time when you want these two things get recharged.

Boom Beach hack for unlimited gold will ask you about how much the amount of gold that you want to get as well as the amount of gems you want to gain. As long as you have followed all the needed procedure, there would be no way that you cannot get both gold and gems. It is because these two things are the complete package of the hack tool of the Boom Beach game and mostly all online games. Is not this quite complete for giving you the best gift for your game?

If you are highly attracted in getting to know with the working system of this Boom Beach hack and also cheat tool, you need to know that the steps in using the hack is not that complicated. Even we can say that it is very simple to be done even for the beginners. By following the mandatory steps, all the users will find their own way in hacking and cheating the Boom Beach system. It will show you how the number of gold and also gems are not that hard to get. You can check yourselves by Boom Beach hack for unlimited gold.

Battlefleet Gothic Armada: How Wars Tickle Your Curiosity

  • June 9, 2016

Battlefleet Gothic Armada ia a kind of game that emphasizes on never ending wars. It will tell about how the human will fight one another to protect the reign. The players will be able to see the never ending wars in the new point of view. It is more likely seen as the space war which has never been figured out before. When you think that you love all the stories that have been made by Warhammer 40K, then this give you the biggest impact on who the space war should be like.

Battlefleet Gothic Armada

Battlefleet Gothic Armada Show the Complexity in Attraction

Battlefleet Gothic Armada has the complete tutorial like the way on how to measure the distance by using ruler, how to attack by using the dice, and so on. The plot about this game that is brought by this game is different from the Dawn of War that is gossiped as the games with similar plots. All the players do not have to be perturbed about how the story goes and how the players will be still excited in playing the game on and on.

The story about the Admiral Spire that protects the Gothic sector out of the enemies can be found by the players too. The enemies will indeed be attacked by all the planet systems. Before you have been ready to fire the war, you will face the Chaos that protects all the planets before conquering all of them to take part during the war. This Battlefleet Gothic Armada game is seen as the war and the murder game that looks perfectly fit all the requirements for the people who are thirsty about similar kind of game.

When you think this game looks like the food chain which one part is attacked by the second part, and the second part has to face with the third, the forth, the fifth, and so on. No, it is apparently more than that. Each of the enemy will have different effects on the planets they stay on. This can be known and understood from the clear narration that is told on this game. It is done through the voice narration. The level of the immersive in this game is considered as high. When you think that this game has been appealing to you, then you shall never miss the chance or the opportunity to have this PC game called Battlefleet Gothic Armada.

Clash Royale Astuce No Survey No Virus and Works 100%

  • May 28, 2016

clash royale astuces

Finding Clash Royale astuces no survey is not a hard way for common people these day. AS the proof, you can easily find our hack tool now. Supercell has already released their fourth game which is also popular on the market store now. It is well-known as Clash Royale. This game is different with its previous brother. But, it does not make Supercell unconfident to make this game released in March 2016 ago. As a result, there are many hack tools available following its release including our hack. Unlike other hack, we do not provide you hoax link. It has no survey and you can just download it freely.

Clash Royale Astuce No Survey: What is it?

Our Clash Royale astuces No Survey can be the best solution for you as the players of Clash Royale. Without further ado, you can directly download it without any survey. For your information, many hack websites provide hoax link downloads. Some of them consist of unrelated survey. This is one way of those irresponsible sites to gain more advantages from their hack. Meanwhile, we provide you the real hack tool for you to defeat the top rank of Clash Royale.  Our Clash Royale hack trick is free from any survey. It makes some easiness for newbie players to win every game.

Clash Royale Astuce No Survey: What to Get?

After downloading our Clash Royale astuces no survey, what things which you will get? This is a common question that appears from our client. Of course, you will get some benefits from our hack. The first one is that you can adjust the number of the gold. The maximum numbers that we provide are 500k gold. Secondly, you can also adjust the gems. We will give you the limit at 99k for this. It is important because you are not alone here who are using our hack tool.

Clash Royale Astuce No Survey and No Virus

Last but not least, this hack tool is very beneficial for newbie players. You have to use it before the developer knows about this hack. If you do not believe us, just read some comment or testimonials from other players who have successfully hack this game. For your information, there are many hoax links which are contaminated with worm, Trojan that can harm your computer. Our hack is free from any malware and viruses by the way. You can prove it by checking our site obviously. Just try it by yourself to know whether our Clash Royale astuces no survey works or not.


Using Subway Surfers Hack Android Tool

  • March 19, 2016

subway surfers

Many people are looking for Subway Surfers hack Android code and tool. This game is very popular for android device and played by many people around the world. Have you ever played this game? In this game you will be a character who runs over the railway avoiding get hit by the train by jumping or move to the right or left. You should also avoid to get chased by the police who are running after you. The game is simple and can be played by anyone from any ages. That makes this game very popular and addictive.

In this game, there are many items that can be found. Those items will be very helpful for you to win this game. You will also get coins that can be used to unlock the items. But, sometimes you will feel that the game getting more difficult after you play it for a long period of time. The Subway Surfers hack Android tool will help you to unlock the items in this game. You will also get unlimited coins. The best thing about using the hack tool, you will be able to always continue the game after getting hit by the train. In the normal mode, without using the hack tool, you should start the game from the beginning again if you get hit by the train.

You will find many different characters in this game that have different costume and style. They can be unlocked after you reach certain conditions in the game. But once again, using the Subway Surfers hack Android tool will make all the characters get unlocked. It also happens for the surfing boards, all get unlocked. The surfing boards have different shapes and abilities. You will be able to choose any characters and use any of the surfing boards. Your character will be able to jump very high when avoiding the train or trying to get the coins. You can also use the jetpack in a very long period of time to collect the coins.

The hack tool surely will be very helpful for you. If it’s the first time for you to play this game, it’s suggested that you should not use the hack tool. Try to win this game at your best. If you have tried for many times and you cannot get the higher level, it maybe the time for you to use the Subway Surfers hack Android tool.

That Dragon Cancer for Mac and PC Review

  • February 24, 2016

That Dragon Cancer

That Dragon Cancer for Mac and PC is not a game with a victory state or a great climax. The game tells about Ryan and Amy’s abstract, dream world document of the continual search for respite for themselves and their lost child. There is a section in this game when Ryan and Amy, the game creators and the main characters should tell their older son about their baby brother Joel. Their one years old little brother is diagnosed for a brain cancer that doesn’t give him any chances to live more than a year. It’s so sad.

This game is not to entertain anyone who play it. The depression and existential terror in this game has no real satisfaction, just the hope that show how the creators lift their burden. IN That Dragon Cancer for Mac and PC you will not find any achievement or points. You have to survive in this game by working through the pain of its creators. There are many emotional moments, new revelations, and every gut stab of a memory in this game that should be discovered. You only have the ability to look around and a button to interact. Through a button you will hear the desperate voice from the parents that is narrated in a recorded family memory.

After playing this game for a while, you will realize that the family in this game is truly need a savior, God. In That Dragon Cancer for Mac and PC, God has huge role and it depends on this family relationship with God. They will only get help from God if they make good relationship with God. This game is not totally about the desperation of having cancer. It tries to show you about the hope that will always come to you although you are in the most difficult situation. You should always believe in God.

Playing this game means that you are ready to play with your emotions. Sometime you will feel very sad to see the reality in this game, about a child that has no hope to live. The parents try to do his best to help their little children survive from the cancer. That Dragon Cancer for Mac and PC will move away your attention from many modern AAA games that offer beautiful audio and visual that come in modern engine and need much of space in your PC. This game will teach you about the meaning of your live.

Hay Day Astuce – A Very Easy Thing To Do

  • February 21, 2016

hay day cover

When some people want to give something that you like without even spending a single dollar, you would be totally delighted and pleased. Hay day astuce can be the best example for those players who always feel that they lack of coins and diamonds. They can, of course, improve and beautify the physical look of their farm and get more likes from the visitors who took a look at your farm and visited your farm either for buying crops and things or helped them rebuild the dead plants.

If you are tactful enough to search over the internet, the hay day astuce will lead you ended up making you keep filling the survey with more than 10 questions like your background, your family profile, your holiday plans, and other details that you might have in mind. After filling all those questions, there would be some questions that are all related to match picture with the keyword given by them. When all the requirements have been properly filled in, you need to wait for 10 to 20 seconds before you can continue it through your account linked to Facebook.

Hay day astuce will always becomes the most-searched keyword on the internet because probably they are too afraid dealing with those deadly viruses that can damage their gadgets or PCs. Then without any surveys, how could the players or the users get the coins and diamonds? Yes, it is totally non sense when the payers doing nothing and get coins and diamonds. Here, the players need to fill the username they have and the total coins and diamonds they want to obtain. After that, you need to wait for some minutes because they will verify your Facebook account before you can generate coins and accept it in your game account.

In fact, there is not a guarantee that all people who have been trying searching the hay day astuce many times will be successful in getting both coins and diamonds. Sometimes before they can successfully get the coins, they will discontinue the generating process because they are hesitated whether it will work well or not. That is why all the decision of trying and getting the coins and also those diamonds sometimes rely on the luck and the patience that you guys have. As a suggestion, you can keep trying to get the coins and also the diamonds for your lovely farm.


Resident Evil HD Remastered Review to fulfill your curiosity

  • January 29, 2016

The Resident Evil HD Remastered derives from Resident Evil 0 which was launched in 2002 ago. This is one way to revive the original story of Resident Evil in this modern era by Capcom. Of course, this company has big power to give refinement especially in graphics and arts without reducing its original story. You will see so many new angles and perspective of the camera and better lighting positions through the game. Moreover, Capcom also adds the prequel of this game to be played on modern platform such as Xbox One or PS4 for sure. It is such kind of nostalgia for Resident Evil lovers who yearning the old-horror experience belongs to first series of RE.

Resident Evil HD Remaster

As we know, the Resident Evil HD Remastered points Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen as the main characters of the game. Rebecca as the S.T.A.R.S unit meets Billy who wants to escape from the cold-hand of zombies. Both of them meet up on the train which is surrounding by zombies at the moment. However, they make their way into training facility of Umbrella Corporation. Consequently, they have to find escape way inside the mansion facing zombies, biological monster, limited inventory and haunted by mysterious man. This is why this game became popular in 2000s ago.

The Resident Evil HD Remastered gameplay is like the usual Resident Evil games where you will use your weapons and limited inventory from your bag or body against monster and zombies. You also need to heal your wounds by using plants that found on the street or road. Remember, you need to save extra space for key items such as keys, papers or something like that in order to solve the puzzles. That is the extra gameplay of this game which you do not only shoot the zombies but also have to solve some puzzles and problems on your game. You need to consider the items which you have to remove away or keep in your limited space inventory.

At this time, Capcom gives you an easier way to explore the entire mansions and mysterious room of Resident Evil HD Remastered. Your main characters will have partner and you can leave unused items freely on your way. However, sometimes both of characters get separated and you need to work alone. If your main character is wounded, you can switch into her/his partner easily. Overall, this game is still carrying the same-horror which made this game popular in the past. You have to give extra attention on your character environment because something is always watching you and your partner. Do not worry about the graphics because it is full HD and make your eyes keep happily playing the game.


Why 8 Ball Pool Hack Cheats are very useful for players

  • January 21, 2016

8 ball pool hack cheats

The 8 Ball Pool hack cheats have the same popularity as the game because people want to shorten their level experience and get unlimited cash. For your information, the latest details of players who play this game is around ten million people. It means that this game comes bigger and bigger every year. However, the developers of this game give a disadvantage for those kinds of players. They limit everything including cash, tables and coins. This is where the 8 Ball Pool hack is very useful to break those limitations from the developers.

For people who are able to activate 8 Ball Pool hack cheats, they will have unlimited access and limits. Moreover, they can manage the total amount of their resources either. In other words, we get ease to win this game. That is the nature of every game’s cheat, right? We have to dal with it and never abuse the cheats in order to get the access forever without noticing the server and developers of this game. Thus, you will know why the top rank players always change on the table of high scores. They are using it alternatively. However, not all people know about this hack by the way. There are many people who still play this game normally.

A question appears after knowing the nature of 8 Ball Pool hack cheats these days. It is how to use this hack. Actually, we have provided some tools and hack online inside this page. Every single of them comes with tutorial too. For your information, you can also hack the current rank of your account. It means that you can edit them from Expert until Grand Master rank. Moreover, we have also auto goal. It means you have a hundred percent chance to create a goal wherever you targeted the ball into the spot.

The steps of these 8 Ball pool hack cheats are simple. Follow these instructions if you are interested to hack your 8 Ball Pool account. It does not sacrifice anything including your account. Our hack cheats are very safe and undetected by the system. Enter your username and confirm it via your facebook account. Then, you will get access to edit the amount of resources. Another way is by downloading the trainer into your PC and connects it with your smartphone. It does not matter what kind of ways which have chosen by you. The point is that you are able to use our hack and we will always update it periodically.

Fat Princess Adventures fails delivering attractive adventure?

  • January 16, 2016

Fat Princess Adventures

Many reviewers said that the Fat Princess Adventures is failed to offers funny and attractive combat on its gameplay. Yeah, we found negative statement as long as read the review of this game. Once we played it, we felt this game is lack of attractiveness and challenging quest. It is shown by the gameplay which forces you to play with other three players on the forest, pirate ship and many more with the one and the only goal, rescuing the world. During the quest, you must collect loot as your food in order to gain more energy of your character. The story starts when Fat Princess was abandoned by his kingdom. The reason is that those kingdoms, Red and Blue, become one and created one division called Great Bitten. However, the Bitter Queen comes up and makes some terrors for everything which is sweet in her eyes.

Furthermore into the appearance of Fat Princess Adventures, the dialogue between one character into another is slightly flatten or nothing special. Although we can feel that it is a joke but there is no joke after all. Moreover, the cut-scene is long but we think that it is nothing without proper jokes and comedy.

Go to the combat gameplay of Fat Princess Adventures, this game offers only 2 attacks each class. For your information, the combat system carries slashing and crushing gameplay as classic game. But, the developer changes it into modern one. We should add one point for the revolution of the gameplay actually. As usual, the melee heroes play with their axe and Archers play with their bow. But, there is a secondary weapon on those archers like small blade. Regardless to the class that you choose, they have the same gameplay actually. Talking about the gameplay, you just go to somewhere on the map and then fins some enemies and you will increase your Awesome Sauce meter. It is a terrible name actually.

As we can predict this sauce meter is treated as the rage-meter of your character. Once it is full, you can use special move which makes the attack damage and attack-speed increased. Then, you can also upgrade your weapon here. Likely, this game relies on the combat system which more modern and new for PlayStation 4 players. However, there is one big weakness of this game. It is the impacts while the battle. For your information, you even do not know your attack is damaging your enemies or not. In other words, the Fat Princess Adventures is lack of special effect during the battle.

Yakuza 5 Reviews

  • December 31, 2015

Yakuza 5

Now, we are coming to Yakuza 5 flash reviews for you who are curious to play this game on your PlayStation 3. KazumaKiryu as the main protagonist here since the first series is still becoming our hero to fight with beautiful combat mode. In addition, you will get more features and rich settings than previous season for sure. There are also some mini-games that make the players narrower with Japan’s districts. With open-world gameplay, you will know how rich this game is than other Yakuza games. Moreover, the multiple stories from four playable characters will give another perspective to the players.

In the beginning story of Yakuza 5, you will control Kazuma who playing as a taxi driver in one of Japan urban districts Fukuoka. From here, you can play some driving missions with attractive view and controls. For your information, this game offers city’s streets as your challenge. It means that you will be familiar with other open-game world game such as GTA V and The Witcher alongside Yakuza theme settings. It does not mean that they only have boring buildings, but there are also snowy forest and jungle as the minigames mode of this game. One favorite effect during the game is the taking a breath before your hero shooting the enemy.

The Yakuza 5 takes major place from the real Japan’s situation. You can discover a lot of side missions before taking the main story of your playable character. The minigames are just sophisticated. In other words, the developer provides them all with well-represented such as Casino games and traditional sports. Moreover, you can boost your hero’s energy by eating ramen and curry which available in the entire game. But, the core combat will never change with predecessor. Likely, it becomes the min characteristic of this game for sure. This game is actually launched since 2012 ago in Japan, but it comes to worldwide barely this month.